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Sport Psychology

I specialize in the psychology behind performance enhancement. I strive to guide individuals and teams toward a heightened level of mental conditioning. The hands-on approach provides clients with tailored services informed by the latest research in the field of sport psychology.

Psychology Practice

I have a special interest in relationships and have published books on The commuter marriage, Parenting and Mental toughness. My main goal is to live a fulfilled and balanced life and to help others to do the same.

Motivational Speaking

Internal motivation is the key. A paradigm shift needs to be made. We try and make the shift without changing our mindsets, and that creates chaos. The following sessions and course will help you not only make the shift, but understand why you are making it. People must be focused to be successful.


I love helping people especially with respect to relationships. I hold seminars for marriage enrichment and parenting skills.

2 things define you. Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything

About Jannie Botha

specializing in Sport psychology.
Positive anything is better than negative nothing~ Elbert Hubbard

Dr Jannie Botha is an international motivational speaker who works mostly with business people, sports people and young people. His special interest is marriage. His training includes business management, theology and psychology. He studied at University of Pretoria, continued his studies in America and completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Stellenbosch. In his practice as psychologist he specialises in relationship therapy. He also has a sports practice, where he works with teams as well as individuals.

Dr Jannie Botha

Mental coach for the Vodacom Blue Bulls
Jannie Botha


Jannie has a special interest in relationships and has published a book on 'The commuter marriage'

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